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Fundamentor is an innovative web application that enhances the Quantitative, Verbal, Data inference & Creative thinking aptitude in school students. It uses methods which students enjoy, ensuring effective aptitude development.

Fundamentor has been developed by professionals who have worked globally in senior positions in Fortune 500 companies. Our team consists of alumni from top engineering and business schools in India & US.

The salient points which make Fundamentor highly effective are

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    Fun & engaging content
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    Mobile & web-based platform
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Why Fundamentor

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Sustainable career success depends on well developed life skills: Problem Solving, Effective Decision Making, Creativity, and Communication. These skills are based on a person’s Cognitive aptitude comprising of Quantitative, Verbal, Inference and Creative thinking aptitude.Cognitive aptitude is regularly tested in career building exams and olympiads. Fundamentor provides a well structured and fun curriculum for developing cognitive aptitude.

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    Quantitative aptitude
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    Verbal reasoning
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    Data inference
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    Creative thinking

These are also critical for succeeding in career building exams like NDA, BBA, CLAT, Bank PO, CAT, GMAT, GRE, SAT, CSAT and company’s job placement examinations.


Why it Works

Scientific Research shows that best way to develop cognitive aptitude is a structured learning program before age 20. Fundamentor is a structured learning program that uses an efficient combination of Age, Platform, Duration, Delivery and Feedback to make aptitude development fun and rewarding for the students. The program is time and cost effective; so no extra burden for schools, parents and students.

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    Right age

    Aptitude development by age
    Till 20 : exponential
    After 20: incremental

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    Right platform

    Mobile and web based platform ensuring anytime - anywhere convenience

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    Right duration

    Duration of 15 minutes a day to ensure non- disruption of academic schedule

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    Right method

    Engaging content and Gamification based delivery to sustain interest

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    Right feedback

    Multi- dimensional feedback customized for the students, parents, institutes




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